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Storyleading is a StoryCourse that tackles the natural fear that comes with leading. Using six principles of storytelling, you will uncover synonymous concepts of leadership that foster courage over fear. Learn how to communicate, prioritize, empower, give feedback, coach, and hold others accountable through this online course.







Fear is a good thing when it comes to leadership. It is there to remind the leader of his or her responsibility for their teams. 

The basic elements of writing a great story are applicable when it comes to leading others, especially when faced with fearful situations such as conflict, downsizing, providing feedback on poor performers, and motivating the unmotivated. 

Storytelling is a way to overcome fear and foster courage. 

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

StoryLeading is a StoryCourse for all leaders looking to grow professionally, especially young managers who have been thrown into the fire of leadership. Leaders are often untrained when it comes to leading people, but with this online course, you can begin mending the leadership gap and put the fear of leading at ease. This course is for people who love stories and believe in the power of dynamic storytelling.






Skill Level





Learning Path

Preparing the atmosphere for your story is like fostering communication in your work environment. This lesson will discuss how the two are interrelated and what a great leader must do to communicate effectively, especially with an increasingly remote  workforce.

Video 7 Min  + 13 Min read + 10 Min Worksheet to complete

A story must have a setting that pulls the reader into the environment. Settings do not make sense without the right atmosphere. Establishing priorities as a leader is the setting you need to pull your workers into the bigger vision.

Video 3 Min  + 10 Min read + 20 min Worksheet to complete

When watching a movie or reading a book, the audience never wants to be spoon fed a theme. The same goes for your workers. They don’t want to be micromanaged in order to understand the story of the brand. Like a great movie, they want to unravel the clues as they go to buy-in to the vision intrinsically. 

2 Videos 9 Min  + 10 Min read + 10 Min Worksheet to complete

Dynamic characters make your story real. While flat characters are those unchanging background characters who merely exist in the story, round characters evolve. In this lesson, you will learn how to develop the characters on your team, transforming them from flat to round. 

2 Videos 10 Min  + 10 Min read + 10 Min Worksheet to complete

Every story has a plot, which means every character must learn how to react during a crisis. This lesson examines ways to coach your team through crisis while thickening the plot of your story. 

Video 6 Min  + 2 Min read + 10 Min Worksheet to complete

Knowing the story structure, the consistent point of view and messaging of your story, helps keep your readers on the same journey. Much like consistency in delegation and accountability keep your team tethered to the same vision. 

Video 6 Min + 2 Min read + 10 Min Worksheet to complete

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