About the StoryTethers

Gabriel Medina

Gabriel fell in love with storytelling during his middle school years. At the insistence of a teacher, he began writing short children’s stories; and one day, his teacher surprised him when she read one of those stories to a group of patients at a children’s hospital. The connection that story made with those children inspired Gabriel to pursue careers that allowed him to tell more stories in multiple outlets. Gabriel has graduate degrees in history and business, and years of experience in the classroom and providing professional development outside the traditional classroom. These experiences with people of the past and present have allowed him to teach others to make connections to their own stories.

"People are drawn to stories because they can see themselves in the stories/lives of others. The art of storytelling can help people realize their purpose and allow them to take part in the general “story of us.” Once they realize their mission, they then can fully contribute to the world."

Frank William Brennan

With a passion for screenwriting and filmmaking, Frank is a storyteller at heart. He has succesfully helped companies incorporate storytelling into their culture through his award winning leadership programs. Frank is also a keynote speaker who encourages others to embrace their unique and unrepeatable personhood. He is a Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD), a SHRM-CP, and holds a B.A. in English and Literature. 

"People are stories within themselves. Stories articulate complex problems in a simplistic way that reaches every generation, class, and creed. Storytelling is the human experience. Discussing business, leadership, personal development through the concepts of building a better story comes off as familiar territory and often more acceptable."